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Only Nothing Last Forever

One life connecting many stories.

"ONLY NOTHING LASTS FOREVER" while writing on a short film, initially entitled "FIN" after the story's main character Mr. Finnegan, about the end of relationships; my mom passed away and I felt that death in my soul. I wanted to die with her, but knowing I had to live on I chose to die in my artwork, SO I unearthed the story and centered it around my character now called "Mr. FIN" as a flashback with his wife "Mama" an Afro Latina with a penchant to love her husband. Linked thru a creative poem and interesting scenes of the end of 5 relationships this short film tells us to love now, because ONLY NOTHING LASTS FOREVER - @ohenecornelius


Directed x Muthafucca Jones

Guest Directors: Kecia Elan and Francesca Andre


Lex Friedman

Terron Jones

Chris O'neil

Sol Rebel

Elise Edwards

Jada Jarvis

Ronald Smith

Ohene Cornelius 

Yohana Florentino

Dria Brown

Aaron P. Watkins

Joshua Levine

Yuuka Taga

Rashidah Fowler

And Introducing 

Jeramiah Song

Navaeh Hollington

Ariana and Arilyn Perez

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